Living in the After World

Earth is one tree in a forest of stars. Many Christians and non-Christians alike believe there is more to life than living under a single tree. An afterlife presents many intriguing possibilities. It is the big picture. It is the forest of life. Why do so many people focus on the one tree that will eventually go the way of other trees?

It seems to me the importance of formal religion, however you experience it, or the time spent reading Scriptures or other spiritual or thoughtful sources, is the confirmation of afterlife and the discussion of what it might be like.

This gives hope to the hopeless, comfort to the uncomforted, and direction to the wanderer. The conversation is meaningful to those who seek a greater answer than higher profits, lower taxes, and zero wars.

Whether you believe in this greater forest or not, participating in the discussions will no doubt bring a certain curiosity  to your life, perhaps an energized curiosity to learn more. It should bring at the very least, a calmness of mind and body.

If on the other hand, the thought of an afterlife actually troubles you, then it may be all the more critical that you seek to find out why the forest people seem so happy.

If a tree falls in the woods, those who have successfully escaped its path may not hear it, but will not miss it, either.

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NBA Reflects Drama of Pro Growth

Having watched some of the NBA playoff games, I can’t help notice the difference among the athletes. Some of them, in their exuberant youth, celebrate after every basket or defensive play they make. Jumping up and down and high-fiving each other, they enjoy the moment – while failing to take note of the game situation.

It is heard often, but never so true as in professional sports,  “It ain’t over til the fat person sings.” I enjoy watching these young athletes celebrate, knowing they are about to lose the game and wondering if they will learn from their experience.

I also watch the grizzled veterans who make a great play and continue on stoically playing the game. Why aren’t they celebrating? They know inside that the game is far from over. They are playing a bit part, no matter how good they may be, and the fat person is too far away to hear.

The transition from secondary to legendary is great drama, often more fun to watch, and more telling as to the final outcome of many contests. It kind of reflects real life.

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